My Heroes !

On our last ride, the rear brake behaves strange, first absolutely nothing, with pumping up it was ok for the rest of the day. – Yesterday we started for a > 300km Tour after about 60km suddenly I feel some strange hits on the boot. I tried the pedal and had no break again, pumping up I the pedal came up and seems to be fine. But after some hundreds of meters the bike need a lot of power to ride up the hill. Stopping the bike, the caliber smokes, the ABS cable starts melting. Saving this cable by isolating it from the caliber. Everything was extremely hot, suddenly a 1m flame came out of the break. I decide to cool the caliber with some water. It was clear that all rubber part inside the caliber was burned or melted but after cooling down the wheel could freely turn again.

Looking on the internet for a bike repair shop I luckily found Denanni Motorsports in about 50km distance on main road. Nice persons, experts in bikes and helpful in all aspects of our problem, they even helped us with a hotel. They fixed the bike that we can ride it save again, and they made sure I understand that a final fix needs to be done back home in Austria. The main point is: They saved our bike holyday here in Sardinia.

After working 10 hours the bill war more than fair only and on top they gave us a free wash of the bike!


Mille Grazie Denanni

Die ganze Story gibt es bei Eva:

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